Execution of a WILL takes place upon demise of the person who wrote the WILL (the Testator).

Execution - step by step

1- Once death is clearly identified and verified (upon establishing proof of death), 

2- Octowill system will initiate the process of reading the will to identify instructions and decrypt the bequeath.

3- The system will then contact the beneficiary and advice them of their rights.

4- Instruction is then sent to the beneficiary to submit KYC and Octowill guides the beneficiary to filing a claim

5- Instruction is sent to the exchange / private wallet to identify the crypto asset detail and value.

Octowill then will initiate the transfer of the assets from the Exchange or the Private Wallet directly to the Beneficiary's wallet and completes the process.

Every action taken by octowill is transparent and logged into the ledger and can be audited by the beneficiary or the authorised persons.